How important is influenza vaccine?

How important is influenza vaccine? 

How important is influenza vaccine

Influenza is a unique airway virus disease, because it causes recurrent outbreaks with strong activity as well as a high incidence of infections and deaths at all ages. In the United States an estimated approximately 48 million cases of influenza at all ages during the winter. Of the cases that occurred 3.9 million people treated and about 20,000 people died. It is reported that over 90% of deaths from influenza occur at the age of 65 years or more.In the observation of the case, it appears that ARI usually increases in July to September which at that time is a change of weather.

Influenza vaccine is one type of vaccine that will counteract the arrival of influenza disease in a person who was given the vaccine itself. The influenza vaccine is usually upgraded every year, according to the type of influenza that its effectiveness will be continually tested by the relevant parties in order to give this vaccine will be right on our influenza type.

The World Health Organization has issued a statement that everyone is recommended to be given this type of vaccine at least once a year. The age limit allowed in this vaccine is 6 months to 5 years for children other than children, pregnant women are safe to be given this vaccine.

How important is influenza vaccine to us?

Influenza itself is one type of disease that can be said quite dangerous if the handling is not good. Because not a few also cases out there causing hospitalization and even the worst can cause death.

Every year and every season, the flu has different viruses, and influenza infections can greatly affect everyone differently. It can even be a healthy person can become very sick due to the flu virus and spread it to other people who are around the patient.

Influenza vaccine is very important given to everyone because it is very easy this virus is spread from one person to another. And the more people who are given influenza vaccine is the better so that the spread of this virus does not extend to new territory again.

The person who must be given influenza vaccine

As already discussed above, how important is the influenza vaccine that at least 6 months of age should be given this influenza vaccine including pregnant women who do not have a special history that makes this influenza vaccine is prohibited.

However, when viewed from his own priority there are some people who first put in this influenza vaccine is:
  • Children with a vulnerable age of 6 months to 59 months or 4 years.
  • Elderly with age 50 and up.
  • People with chronic lung disease such as asthma, cardiovascular except hypertension, kidney, liver, neurology, haematological, or other metabolic disorders that will spur influenza disease will make the patient affected by the disease complications.
  • People affected by immunosuppression, one of which is due to HIV AIDS treatment,
  • Pregnant or pregnant women who are pregnant within 2-4 weeks after delivery.
  • People who are on aspirin therapy in the long term.
  • Elderly living in a nursing home.
  • People who are exposed to excess body weight or extreme obesity.
  • Medical service personnel.
  • Caregivers or elderly at home.
Some of the above list is a list of people who if there is a mandatory influenza vaccine process in the first place because they are included in the classification susceptible to influenza virus faster than others.